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Passion for wine is the main driver of Winespoint wine portal. Wine greets many people with open arms no matter whether you are sad or happy. When you sad it can make you happy and when you are happy it can double your happiness. What kind of wine is really capable of such a human mood transition? A wine that is ….. You name it. Winespoint focuses on identification of wines that change your common day or even life completely. How you approach it is solely up to you but I am sure it will impact you. It is true there are some significant wine reviewers out there but what you really see is just couple of words with short description and no real pictures or moments of a particular wine. With Winespoint you will notice what points are given to wines, why that is so and you will also see what the real wine look like. Thus, Winespoint claims to be a virtual place where peoples’ opinion on wines meet and grant points to various wines.