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Chateau Clarke rating – Vertical testing 1983,1994,1995, 1998.

Chateau Clarke rating – Vertical testing 1983,1994,1995, 1998.

Vertical tasting of Chateau Clarke, Listrac-Medoc, Bordeaux France. Vintages: 1983,1994,1995,1998 (Picture: in order from left).
Date: 06/2013

Chateau Clarke 1998 rating: 87/100

Chateau Clarke 1995 rating: 90/100

Chateau Clarke 1994 rating: 89/100

Chateau Clarke 1983 rating: 91+/100

1998: Feels well matured and perhaps already past the peak. However still approachable and drinkable. On the nose and palate wood flavours with baked plums. Dominant flavours of cassis and blueberries. This wine is fading quickly, be sure to drink up within 2 hours of opening (otherwise losing its fruitiness which shows well at the beginning, decanting is not advised). Not suitable for cellaring anymore.
Winespoint rating: 87/100

1995: Solid nose. Sweet on the palate and on the nose. Similar to 1994. Taste is silky and long lasting. Well balanced and good concentration of fruit. A solid aftertaste. Very Tasty. The wine still holds some tannins and can age further. Very good Bordeaux style wine, indeed. Suitable for few more years of cellaring.
Winespoint rating: 90/100

1994: Smooth and silky. Very drinkable and holding. Very specific aroma of Bordeaux comes up in form of mushrooms. Great. Also filled with plums with slight vanilla background. Still fruity for its age. Tasty. The vintage 1994 is losing quickly as well. Drink within 2 hours after opening (decanting not advised). The wine is smooth and almost all tannins are already integrated. Not suitable for a long-term cellaring (for 1-2 years will do it).
Winespoint rating: 89/100

1983: A famous vintage 1983! First impression of typical Bordeaux flavours again – fruit and cedar wood. Silky and balanced. Chocolate flavours with light notes of bitter chocolate. Long-lasting persistence. Definitely the most standing out from the crowd. It is of a surprise how youthful this 1983 still is. A great proof what a big vintage means. Still possessing the aging capacity. Drink now or hold for few years. Great!
Winespoint rating: 91+/100

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Chateau Clarke, Listrac-Médoc, Bordeaux Vertical Tasting of vintages 1983,1994,1995,1998.

Tasted 06/2013

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