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Chateau Latour 1991 rating

Chateau Latour 1991 rating

Chateau Latour, 1991, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

Winespoint rating: 97/100

delicious, bold, harmonious

After opening needs time yet the wine is already a monstrously big on structure. Aromas will appear and develop –  see the comment later on. First impression – the tannins are simply described huge. Once the glass is empty the flavors rise up and one smells very presently a mushrooms taste. Very exciting from the very first moment.

After 4 hours of decanting:

There are great painters and then there are others such as Dalí, Chagall, Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, the presenters of a true top class. To drink such a wine is by itself an undeniably exciting occasion. You won‘t get neither a monster nor a fruit bomb. If you drank few expensive wines and understand why they appear great to you, once you approach Chateau Latour you lose all doubts concerning balance in wine. If there is a wine that can set benchmarks for balanced wines then it (one of very few!) is called Chateau Latour. It is not a brand. This wine is benchmark. This brand is Chateau Latour.

The wine offers almost everything one seeks for i.e. balance, complexity, structure, long aftertaste, excitement, fruitiness, classic aromas, and potential. When you look for a perfect wine and do not care about money get this one, you won’t hesitate a second.

I was thinking whether one gets pulled down in judging this wine just because we deal with a very well known wine. Well you certainly will be kind of influenced and feel for a moment like a true aristocracy but in the end there is only the wine that will remain in your mind with its luscious long-lasting taste.

Tasted: 07/2013

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tasted 07/2013

  • Chateau Latour 1991 rated 97 points

    Chateau Latour 1991 rating

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    Chateau Latour 1991 in glass

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    Chateau Latour 1991 bottle neck